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About Muay Thai Chelmsford

Chelmsford City Martial Arts was opened in spring 2012. The owners inspiration was his love of Martial Arts, particularly Muay Thai, and to be able to offer a venue where Children and Adults can train in a fully equipped Dojo which is open all year long, not hindered by ill equipped school halls or summertime/eveing closures.

Chelmsford City Martial Arts is a fully equipped Martial Arts Gym, boasting a range of Sandee and Fairtex Punch Bags, Specialised Matted Flooring, and a 12" boxing ring which can is used for monthly club sparring.

Muay Thai Boxing is a Martial Art Form that originates from Thailand and offers a dynamic, versatile and extremely effective form of Self defence that utilises the whole body. Muay Thai Training incorporates a series of Punches, Elbows, Knees, Kicks and Grappling to create this devastating Martial Art.

Thai Boxing Training is also well known for its Intense, Dynamic and Effective Pad Work, to sharpen the practitioner's speed, power and reactions, it is also an extreme calorie burner, which can be experienced in our Martial Art Strength and Conditioning classes (Mixed Gender and Female only Classes).

Muay Thai Chelmsford offers a complete training system. Promoting Fitness, Strength, Flexibility and Self Confidence. We welcome you to come and train with us whatever your goal may be, Fitness, Self Defence, or one of those life challenges you. may have of learning a martial art.

Questions and Answers.

Is there a joining fee?
No, there is not an annual joining fee, no up-front costs, just the monthly fee's for all classes. Upon joining, you will be registered with the club, and this gets you your insurance (which is needed by all Martial Artists, no matter what style), and record book for grading if you wish to grade

Do I need to buy club uniform, what do I need to wear.
There is a club t-shit/vest, but apart from that, you are welcome to wear any style of Muay Thai Shorts. We suggest looking at Twins, Top King, Raja or the likes of Fairtex for some quality shorts.

For the Kids Class, there is uniform, as we think it important for children to feel part of a club, and be proud of there Martial Art. The club kit is sold at cost from us, we do not aim to make a profit from club kit, unlike some Martial Art Clubs.

Do I need my own equipment?
Muay Thai Chelmsford has Sandee Thai pads, Sandee Belly Pads, Sandee body shields for sparring that can be used by all student.

There is an element of hygiene when it comes to sharing Boxing Gloves/ Shin Guards. We have some 'club' gloves/shin guards, but again recommend you buy some quality gloves and shin guards. They will last you longer, and you can clean and look after your gloves. Ask us, we do keep them in stock, and usually can get them at better prices that you can buy a single pair for.

I've not done any Martial Arts before, will I be able to learn Muay Thai?
Yes, classes cater for both novice and experienced people. Once you have learned the basic techniques, you'll be amazed at how quick your pick up the pace.

Are there grading in Muay Thai?
Yes. Everyone one wants to be able to recognise the progression that have made in all sports, so we have a traditional grading system using Arm Bands (Prajead). Gradings are typically every 3-4 months, and there will be plenty of time to prepare for your grading.

Do I need to grade in Muay Thai?
No, there is no need to grade, if just want to come along an join in, you more than welcome.

I've done Muay Thai before, can I transfer my grades?
Every governing body (WUMA, WMT, AMA etc) has a different syllabus, if you have graded before, please bring along your log book, certificates and what your last grading consisted of, we will look at this, and grade you on our system accordingly.

Can I Spar at Muay Thai Chelmsford?
Yes. Chelmsford City Martial Arts has a 12 foot boxing ring, which will be used on a Sunday for those that want to spar.

Do I have to Spar?
You don't have to, but for the higher grading's, there will be light contact sparring to show your progress in preparation for your Red Prajead (1st Dan).

I have other questions
Please use the contact us buttons for any questions you may have, no matter how big or small you think they are, were always happy to answer your questions. Also please visit our dedicated Chelmsford Muay Thai website.

Prices Per Month  or  Per Session
Adult £55   £10
Junior £35   £8
or Monthly + 1 Personal Training session per week
Adult £169    

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